Designed To Lead

When the local church is seen through a biblical lens, it becomes clear that she is designed to produce a certain kind of person that can make an impact in the world for the glory of God. Such a perspective infers that the success of a church should not be simply gauged by numbers, busyness, and programs. Designed To Lead is a call to shift from maintaining programs to multiplying leaders who radiate the light of the gospel in their sphere of influence with the goal of fulfilling The Great Commission (Matt. 28:1620). Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck note, “The Church is uniquely set apart to develop and deploy leaders for the glory of God and the advancement of the gospel.” 1 For the church to function according to God’s design, Geiger and Peck offer three essential elements for leadership development: Conviction, Culture, and, Constructs.

Geiger and Peck defined conviction as “A God initiated passion that fuels a leader and church. Conviction is at the centre of the framework because without a conviction to develop others, leadership development will not occur.” 2 They put great emphasis on establishing this conviction because it causes the church to focus on her mission. They state that “The essential task of developing others; must not be at the mercy of other things, of lesser things in a local church.” 3 Without a conviction to equip leaders, the church can easily be distracted by a multiplicity of interests that hinder them from being developed and deployed. Hence, having the right conviction is of paramount importance because it not only reveals the priority of a church but it also creates a culture that embraces leadership development. Geiger and Peck note, “Culture is the shared beliefs and values that drive the behavior of a group of people. . . . When development is in the culture, it is much more than an idea or program; it is part of the very core identity of the church.” 4 When this culture is established in a church, it creates a healthy environment where members can flourish and discover their God-given abilities and purpose in the world.

To complete the process of developing leaders, Geiger and Peck see the need for constructs. By constructs, they mean systems, processes, and, programs developed to help develop leaders. 5 They note that “Without a clear and systematic way of developing leaders, the church won’t move forward.” 6 They believe that “If constructs are not provided, then intentional and ongoing leadership development is merely wishful thinking.” 7 But when all the elements of leadership are in place, church members will eventually influence the various fields in society with the gospel. Designed To Lead is a must-read for every pastor who desires to see the church reach her full potential. The book not only changed my perspective on leadership but also the direction of our church. I pray that God would ignite a passion in us to be a leadership locus that intentionally develops and deploys leaders who impact the world for Christ.



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